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Mariam Advertising has the capability of fabricating any letter, style, logo, or shape in virtually any material, size, or thickness. We offer the follow- ing primary custom fabricated products:


At Mariam Advertising, we engineer and fabricate architectural and directional signage, from concept to installation, for the interior and exterior environment. We successfully address complex way-finding needs while complying with local codes and regulatory requirements.

Wayfinding Signage Systems


Mariam Advertising provides retail signage solutions for clients looking to improve recogni- tion of their brand. From global brands to boutique stores, our clients receive support every step of the way. From concept, to manufacturing and installa- tion, our team produces storefront signage, pylons, internal branding, and much more.


With our wealth of high-tech fabrication capabilities, process- es and skilled
assembly technicians, Mariam is unsurpassed at custom retail display fabrication.


Mariam Advertising deals with the world’s most prestigious retailers and their design teams to implement the finest store display windows. We are positioned to work with the widest range of materials and processes to bring your ideas into being. We use a combination of our services to produce bespoke displays.


Here at Mariam Advertising, we have a wide range of POP solutions that include pillar wraps, gondola end displays, tabletop displays, freestanding units, and much more. Our team will assist you in implementing the best solution to optimize your sales.


Using our in house engineers, design support and fabrication team, we design and build a range of podiums & kiosks in various sizes .

These podiums and kiosks can be temporary or permanent and canbe installed in almost any location including outdoor events and malls.


Our retail fixtures are used to permanently and dynamically display your products and distinguish your brand from other retailers. We provide retail fixtures and merchandising systems to provide the look, performance and exhibit- ty to enhance your


Mariam Advertising has a graphics department dedicated to large format digital printing in order to provide our clients with a high-impact low-cost solution.

We have a number of large-format print technologies available to match your project’s requirements. A variety of 3M, Avery, and other substrate materials
can be utilized for both exterior and interior applications. Finishing options include, clear, matte, super matte, ultra matte, and high gloss lamination to
provide the best visibility and durability.


Digital prints can be applied to almost any flat or curved surface and can be printed with a width of up to 1.6 meters. Our digital printing technologies offer exceptional high-resolution quality and versatility.

Our latex printers are eco-friendly and provide quality printing. Construction tech- niques include sewn, hemmed, stitched, welded, pole-pocket, grommets, printed or
appliqué. We provide hanging banners, wall murals,
pop-up banners, light boxes and more.

Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle Graphics utilizes your company’s vehicles to create a powerful branding statement and provides a source of free advertising for your company whileyour vehicles are on the road.

Mariam Advertising offers afull range of services to tailor your company’s image to your vehicles utilizing our special vinyl adhesive- backed printed graphics.


It was the best way to print just about everything commercial; booklets,
brochures, postcards etc. If you want to challenge your customers, print is a viable option. Effective advertising reaches potential customers and informs them of your Corporate Branding or other services.